Report: Major Concern for Scott Hall’s Condition Following Recent Event Absence

scott hallAccording to The Wrestling Observer, Scott Hall, along with his son Cody, were scheduled to appear at an event this past week in California, but Hall reportedly texted promoter Kirk White and said he was in a dark place, was unable to get out of bed, and would not be at the event.

Although details are scarce at the moment, there is said to be concern regarding Hall's condition following him missing the event, and the promoter paid Hall's $1,600 advance, which was a 50% deposit, then got the text from Hall that he wouldn't be there the day he was supposed to fly from Atlanta to California.

Hall's son Cody, DDP, and Hall's agent Bill Behrens all tried to convince Hall to get out of bed and go to the event, but he refused, and said he could not go.

Behrens issued the following statement to Kirk White regarding Hall being unable to appear:

"I regret that Scott Hall decided last minute he would not make the trip from Atlanta with his son Cody to Big Time Wrestling's Wrestlefest and wrestling event. His son, Cody Hall, Dallas page and myself all tried to change his mind but he could not get past the personal issues that had him unwilling to travel to California. Kirk, you are a true professional who goes out of his way to deliver what he promotes and promises. I hope the fans who attend WrestleFest and that evening's wrestling event do not feel shortchanged by Scott's decision. I am confident all who attend will have a great time. I believe it is Scott Hall's loss to have missed this opportunity to meet his many fans and to see his son Cody wrestle for the first time in California. I am sure in time he will come to regret his decision, if he has not already."

With regards to Hall's current condition, while little is known at this time, Jake Roberts noted on a recent Roddy Piper podcast that he is very concerned with Hall.