Did Roman Reigns Work Last Night’s WWE Live Event?, Former WWE Star Chokes Out a Thief in Amsterdam

Former WWE Star Chokes Out a Thief in Amsterdam

roman reignsAccording to The Wrestling Observer, Former WWE star Harry "David Hart" Smith choked out a thief while in Amsterdam this past week.

Smith witnessed a man steal a woman's purse and while three security guards were having a hard time with the man, Smith jumped in, took the guy down and put him in a choke, and it's being said Hart was able to subdue the man, who actually started tapping out.

Update on Roman Reigns' Injury Status

Following concerns that he might have suffered a concussion, Roman Reigns appears to be fine as he did work last night's live event in Newcastle.

Reigns defeated Randy Orton in the show's main event, and at one point missed a spear through a table and went head first into the steel steps, so a concussion has likely been ruled out.