Update: Daniel Bryan Confirms Neck Surgery; Fate of the WWE Title Unknown

daniel bryanWWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan announced on Monday Night Raw tonight that he would indeed require neck surgery for injuries sustained over the past few months. The surgery will be taking place this Thursday, and Bryan mentioned that he didn't know how much time he would have to take off, stating that his career could be over, but that he would make sure that it wasn't. 

Usually when champions are injured and require surgery and time off, they are stripped of the title, as has been the case with Edge, Batista, John Cena and many others throughout history. However, no mention has been made by Bryan, The Authority or WWE in regards to vacating the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at this time. 

The current feeling is that officials are waiting until Bryan's surgery on Thursday to talk with doctors and figure out how much time he will need away from the ring. At that point they can better make a decision on the future of the title.