Update: The Latest on the David Benoit Smith Hart Situation, How Jericho Got Involved, Why Chavo Backed Out of the Match & Much More

file_189969_4_Chavo-Guerrero(2)As we reported yesterday, David Benoit's upcoming pro wrestling debut, which was to see him work a match with tag team partner Chavo Guerrero, has been canceled due to Chavo pulling out of the bout.

Chavo pulled out as he reportedly learned Benoit does not have any formal wrestling training, and he was lied to by Hart Legacy Wrestling promoter Smith Hart regarding Benoit's wrestling past.

It was also reported that Chris Jericho, who has kept in close contact with David since the death of his family, reportedly "was furious" that Hart would book him without experience, and contacted the promotion.

In an update to this developing story, The Wrestling Observer reports that Chris Jericho contacted the Hart Legacy promotion and voiced his displeasure in hearing David Benoit was scheduled to wrestle at the upcoming July event. Jericho went as far as to try and get the match stopped, and this lead to Chavo Guerrero backing out of the bout.

Smith Hart reportedly told two different stories to Chavo and Jericho, as he lied to Chavo and told him Benoit had in-ring training, but then told Jericho there were never any plans for Benoit to wrestle at the upcoming event, but rather Benoit would be participating in some type of angle.

While David's status for the Hart Legacy event is still up in the air, it might be canceled altogether following Chavo's decision to back out of the planned bout, and the information that has subsequently surfaced regarding the entire incident.

David Benoit reportedly did enroll in Lance Storm's school in Canada sometime in the past, but he never showed up to the first day and was not trained. Benoit reportedly reached out to Triple H and William Regal in the past about working with WWE, and they told him to finish high school first and then recommended Lance Storm's school for wrestling training as it was close to Benoit.