WWE RAW Results (5/5) – Kane Seeks Revenge On Bryan, Shield vs Wyatts!

WWE RAW Results – Quick Results:  – Sheamus wins a 20 Man United States Championship Battle Royal – RVD def Cesaro via DQ – Ryback def Cody Rhodes – Alexander Rusev def Kofi Kingston – Daniel Bryan def Alberto Del Rio – Bad News Barrett def Big E – The Wyatt Family def The Shield –   #wrestlezone  

wwe raw previewWWE RAW Results

May 5th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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20 Man Battle Royal (United States Championship)

Everybody brawls and picks a corner, then Big Show tosses Xavier Woods outside before Zack Ryder and R-Truth are thrown out next. More fighting in the corners and near eliminations, then Show throws Titus outside as Dolph fights with Slater on the apron. They trade punches as Big Show press slams Sin Cara over the ropes, then he chops Fandango in the corner as Sheamus hits Sandow with Ten Beats on the apron. Slater runs over and knocks him off the apron, then we get back from a break to see Big Show hit a chokeslam before everyone gangs up and eliminates him. \

They all go after Mark Henry and throw him outside too, then Kofi is next, and Ryback drops Sheamus with a powerbomb. Ambrose and Ryback fight in the corner while Axel stomps Sheamus, then Axel gets flipped over the ropes and Ambrose and Ryback slug it out on the apron. Ambrose sidesteps a tackle and eliminates him, then he dumps Swagger over the ropes, but Ambrose celebrates a bit too long and runs into a Brogue Kick, and Sheamus throws him outside to win. Triple H comes out and says they engaged in a war last night, and The Shield got lucky last night, but their luck ran out. He says now that Ambrose doesn't have his title, they will enter into six man tag action tonight against the Wyatt Family.

Winner and NEW United States Champion – Sheamus

BP: Nothing really of note here, just another battle royal, didn't get that good until the end. Like I said about Bad News Barrett last night, hopefulle Sheamus can do more with this title than Ambrose has done.

Stephanie McMahon congratulates Daniel Bryan on his win, but she lets him know that all he did was anger Kane more. She says he needs to stay in his locker room until his match to stay safe, then she leaves and closes the door, with Brie noticing a Kane mask on the door.