WWE RAW Results (4/28) – Bryan Returns, IC Tourney Finals, Reigns vs Orton

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WWE RAW Results – Quick Results: The Usos def Rybaxel – Sheamus def Titus O'Neil – Cesaro def Jack Swagger –  Alberto Del Rio def Cody Rhodes –  Alexander Rusev def Xavier Woods via DQ – Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre def Los Matadores – Brie Bella vs Paige ends in No Contest – Bad News Barrett def Rob Van Dam – Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton ends in No Contest –  #wrestlezone  

WWE RAW Results

April 28th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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John Cena comes out and stands in a ring surrounded by a steel cage, and he asks why? Why did the fans vote him into a match with the Wyatt Family, and why did they punish him that way because of how they feel? He says he got drafted to RAW ten years ago in St Louis, and he got a loud ovation, but now they boo him and his end is near. Cena says he has the passion but he looks forward to the next generation, and guys like NXT's Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville, because they share the passion. He says Bray Wyatt's passion is himself, and he's in a steel cage now because it symbolizes the way he needs to contain Bray's message. Cena says he needs to win on Sunday to stop Bray's message, then the lights go out and some children are heard singing "He's Got The Whole World (In His Hands)." The lights come up and we see a choir singing to Cena on the stage, then Bray comes out with the Wyatts and leads the choir to the ring. They continue to sing as Bray sits down in his rocker, then the lights flicker and the kids are wearing sheep masks, and Cena can't believe it.

BP: Holy shit that was creepy and awesome!

WWE Tag Team Championship

Rybaxel vs The Usos (c)

Jey connects with a forearm shot on Axel before Ryback shoves him, then Jey hits him a few times and avoids a running splash. Jimmy helps Jey throw Ryback outside, then they knock Axel outside and hit in stereo suicide dives on the floor. Jey hurts his ankle on the landing, then we get back to see Jimmy fighting with Axel as Jey is checked out by a trainer. Axel knees Jimmy and gets a near fall, then he sets him up top but Jimmy shoves him back, and headbutts Ryback to send him backwards too. Jey finally gets the tag and hits a top rope crossbody for two, then he chops Axel a few times and superkicks Ryback when he tries to interfere.

Jey takes Axel down with a Samoan drop and splashes him in the corner, then he whips Axel but Ryback blindtags in and hits a powerslam for two. Ryback sets up for a Meathook but Jey superkicks him for a two count, then he whips Ryback but Ryback counters with a Meathook clothesline. He goes for Shell Shocked but Jey counters with a rollup attempt, then he hits a superkick off the ropes as Jimmy blind tags in. Axel doesn't see it and takes Jey down with a Perfect Plex and pin attempt, but Jimmy hits a top rope splash and makes the cover.

Winners – The Usos

BP: Great match. The Usos are really coming into their own, and Rybaxel is a good team to counter the high fliers. I know people are sour on Rybaxel, but I think they play their roles well and can be a good team.