TNA Sacrifice PPV Results: 2 New Champions Crowned & Dixie Carter in Disguise – Who Left the PPV as TNA World Heavyweight Champion?

-Backstage, Ethan Carter III talks about all of Kurt Angle's accomplishments, including being an Olympic gold medalist, a former world champion, etc. But he says there's one man that Kurt will never, ever, ever, ever, ever – you see where I'm going with this – ever beat, and that's EC3. Rockstar Spud says his job tonight is to take out Willow, and make sure that Carter gets his win over Angle. 

Rockstar Spud & Ethan Carter III vs. Willow & Kurt Angle

Spud starts off the match, but Angle refuses to wrestle anybody but Carter. EC3 gets in the ring, but bails to the outside immediately. Angle gets on the mat and challenges him to actually wrestle, but when Carter attempts to take a cheap shot Kurt sweaps his legs and gets in a few right hands. EC3 again escapes to the outside, and Spud gives him a pep talk. When they look up, Willow has his umbrella, and jumps through both of them. 

Back in the ring Angle tags out to Jeff, who hits Whisper in the Wind through both opponents. Hardy dances around the ring, periodically stopping to bash Spud's face into a turnbuckle. Standing splash to Rockstar for a two-count. When Willow turns around he gets blasted by EC3, which turns the match back over to the heels. 

Somehow Kurt is still on the outside of the ring, looking dead. Carter is the legal man, and he has Willow in a side headlock. Jeff breaks out of the hold, hits a jawbreaker, and follows that up with a mule kick. He goes for the Twist of Fate, but Spud nails him from behind and EC3 follows up with a dropkick. Carter goes for a submission, but in comes Kurt Angle to hit a trio of German suplexes on him.

Rockstar Spud comes in from behind, and gets a release suplex for his trouble. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock, but Carter chop blocks his knee out. Willow makes the save for his team, and hits a split-leg leg drop on EC3, followed by an interesting cartwheel forearm shot. Spud gets a neckbreaker, which sets up Hardy to hit Poetry in Motion on Carter. 

Alone in the ring, Spud takes a Twist of Fate from Willow, followed by an Angle Slam from Kurt. Hardy with the Swanton Bomb, and the babyfaces win. 

Winners: Kurt Angle & Willow