Details on What Roddy Piper Said That Sparked Kevin Nash’s Twitter Rant Last Night

roddy piperAs we reported earlier, Kevin Nash aimed a Twitter rant at Roddy Piper last night, calling him a "deranged old man" amongst other things.

It appears as if comments made by Piper on his podcast are what set Nash off, as Piper talked at length about an incident which took place between him and Nash years ago back in WCW.

Piper said during the Hall of Fame Ceremony he got up and clapped for Mr. T and the other inductees, but there was one person he couldn't clap for when he came out, and that was Kevin Nash, as he felt it would be hypocritical to stand and clap for him.

Piper described getting into it with Nash in WCW, and talked about how Nash's group was trying to "run rough shod" on WCW, and called Nash a liar. Piper went on to talk about a tag match he once had with Nash, and Nash was his opponent in the bout. Piper called the match horrible, and said Nash couldn't work, although he might be a "good basketball player…maybe."

Piper then said things got physical in the locker room after the match, with the two of them yelling at each other and Piper eventually throwing Nash out of the locker room. You can listen to Piper's entire podcast (the Nash comments are in episode 1) at this link.