WWE Current & Former Stars Told Not To Deal With Nancy Grace Show

nancy grace showA new TMZ report says that WWE is telling current and former stars not to associate with the Nancy Grace show. Grace has officially been "blackballed" by WWE.

The HLN talk show host upset WWE officials with her recent coverage of The Ultimate Warrior's death, implying in many ways that steroids and drugs were involved in his death, and other wrestlers who had died young. It didn't sit well with WWE fans and many wrestlers, who took to social media and their platforms to express their displeasure with her reporting. It seems WWE management also took issue with her reporting.

Diamond Dallas Page made an appearance on Nancy Grace's show, and rather than him being able to put a positive spin on Warrior, who he was, what he meant to the wrestling business, ect., Nancy attempted to make the entire focus steroid-related. 

This is likely why WWE, according to the TMZ report, is reaching out to anyone associated with the WWE brand, and not just their current stars, about staying away from Nancy Grace.

It's a pretty serious demand too, suggesting that all wrestlers do as they say if they want to keep a working relationship with WWE.