Triple H Injured At Mania, Major Sports Network Interested In Renee Young

triple h injuredTriple H Injured At Mania

Triple H suffered some sort of muscle injury in his match against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX, reports The Wrestling Observer. While the injury wasn't too serious, it appears, there was noticeable bruising as a result of the injury.

It's also being said that the injury is the reason for his leg being taped the following night on RAW.

ESPN Interested in Renee Young

The Observer is reporting that ESPN is very interested in WWE interviewer, Renee Young, and some are expecting they might make a move to hire her soon. She has apparently impressed a lot of people with her work in WWE, including the "Worldwide Leader in Sports".

Renee Young was not a stranger to sports broadcasting prior to signing with WWE in 2012. She's not even a stranger to pro wrestling broadcasting, specifically. She worked for The Score out of Canada from 2009-2012, hosting the show Right After Wrestling, which was later changed to Aftermath

She signed with WWE in October of 2012.