Update: Karen Jarrett Allegedly Involved in Another Drunken Dispute with DreamWave Indy Promoter

karen jarrettDr. Jerry Wiseman is reporting on the heels of Jeff and Karen Jarrett allegedly getting into a dispute with the son of IWA Mid-South promoter Ian Rotten, which lead to a physical altercation, Karen Jarrett was involved in a separate, allegedly drunken dispute with DreamWave promoter JayRep on Saturday.

The following is a report excerpt:

Witnesses to the event on Saturday at the Illinois DreamWave show say that Karen Jarrett noticed her photos had not been placed on the merchandise table for sale and demanded the promoter pay out of pocket for her losses. Karen allegedly stated she was owed $1,500 and when the promoter refused to pay that amount she reportedly went on a rampage, yelling and screaming at anyone and everyone.

The report goes on to intimate that Jeff Jarrett might have a history of drinking during wrestling events, and a former TNA talent, who remained anonymous, described Karen Jarrett by saying the following:

"Brother, Karen is something else, it's her way or no way and she screams and pouts until she gets her way. I think she wears the pants in that relationship which is cool I guess but she gets her one come hell or high water."