Inspiring Ultimate Warrior Interview, Rock Star’s Daughter Gets Warrior Tattoo, Dodgers Baseball Team Pays Tribute

In two short days since his untimely passing, there has been an overwhelming amount of media coverage, support and tributes for The Ultimate Warrior. We will continue to share those here on WrestleZone as long as we can, and hope you find them as enjoyable as our staff does here at the site. It's quite clear that Warrior touched a lot of people with his character, his career and his passion. 

– The Los Angeles Dodgers paid tribute to Warrior by playing his theme song during one of the breaks of a recent game. You can watch video footage below, and while the announcers don't mention anything about it, you can hear the music on the feed and in the stadium.

– Mia Tyler, the daughter of rock star and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, recently tweeted a picture of the new Ultimate Warrior tattoo she had put on her leg. Mia is a self-proclaimed "WWE super fan" and clearly, a fan of Warrior as well.

– Finally, I was sent this video by Ethan Cole, who had the opportunity to sit down and interview Warrior in the summer of 2012. Cole, to my knowledge, is the founder and host of the popular YouTube series, "Explaining Things To My Grandfather". The interview is very good and worth a watch, so check it out below. After that, be sure to check out the more-comedic video Warrior did with Cole and his buddy at THIS LINK. It's quite funny.