Ultimate Warrior Tribute On RAW, Tyson Kidd To Be Repackaged, WWE Network Media Coverage

ultimate warrior tributeUltimate Warrior Tribute

WWE plans to pay homage to The Ultimate Warrior this week on RAW, reports The Wrestling Observer. The Ultimate Warrior Tribute will take place during the actual show, which is being held in Birmingham. 

Tyson Kidd To Be Repackaged?

Some fans pointed out Tyson Kidd's decent showing in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal Memorial at WrestleMania 30 this past weekend. There were a couple of spots where Kidd seemed to stand out from the crowd and the cameras gave him some attention, despite all the chaos in a match like a battle royal.

Following up, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Tyson Kidd may be repackaged soon and given more television time. There have apparently been talks backstage of using Kidd more in the near future, and a tweak to his character may be included in that.

WWE Network Media Coverage

There have been several new reports come out regarding The WWE Network — some positive, some negative. 

Yesterday, USAToday.com posted an article on WWE's stock continuing to be hit by Wall Street, with one investment manager saying the company is still "overvalued". The story notes that stockholders felt the early number of subscribers (667,000 signups following WrestleMania 30) were underwhelming.

Another article on ComplexSports.com criticized WWE and the new network for not putting together an Ultimate Warrior Tribute following his death. This particular writer feels WWE should be able to turn around exclusive, timely content in a much quicker fashion now that they have a platform like the 24/7 Network.