Stephanie & Triple H Taking Bigger Role Backstage, Sting Posts Rare Photo & Message Regarding Ultimate Warrior

triple h taking bigger roleStephanie & Triple Taking Bigger Role

Although Vince McMahon is ultimately in charge still, is reporting that Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have been taking a much bigger role behind the scenes. They are certainly being viewed in more of a leadership role than ever before.

The report goes on to state that Hunter and Stephanie had a ton of control during WrestleMania 30, in terms of booking. And while Vince won't be stepping down anytime soon, there is a feeling internally that WWE is going through a transitional period backstage.

On an unrelated note, Vince was said to be very shaken up by the passing of Ultimate Warrior.

Sting Posts Rare Photo  & Message

Former TNA star Steve "Sting" Borden has posted a touching message remembering Ultimate Warrior on his Facebook page. Additionally, Sting posted an old, rare and candid photo of him and Warrior together before their careers really got started.

You can check out the photo HERE and read Sting's message below:

"Mourning the loss of Jim Hellwig. I don't believe anyone has ever published this picture before today. The snapshot was taken two days before Thanksgiving in 1985, as we prepared to leave my house in Newhall, California and embark on a career in wrestling.

Jim always challenged me to strive at being the best, and I'll forever be grateful for the encouragement and motivation he provided.

I was looking forward to catching up with him, and I'm saddened we didn't have that opportunity before he passed. My heart goes out to his wife Dana and their two daughters, and they will remain in my prayers."