More WrestleMania 30 Interviews: Heyman Says He’s Not Surprised Punk’s Not at ‘Mania, Emma Wants to Meet Trish Stratus Again

Paul Heyman​Brian Fritz of is currently down in New Orleans for WrestleMania 30, and has caught up with numerous WWE stars for interviews. You can check out highlights below:

Emma on anybody particularly on the roster you were excited when you finally got to meet them:

"Where do I start? I tell you someone I do want to see again is Trish because I saw her when I was a little girl and we had picture at the airport when I was a fan. So now I'm kind of working for the company and she paved the way for us."

Emma also discusses competing at her first WrestleMania, wanting to meet Steve Austin and more.

You can see the interview at:

Heyman if he was surprised CM Punk isn't at WrestleMania:

"No, I'm not surprised he's not here at all. He's not happy and there was gunna come a time that it was going to come to a head and it came to a head six or seven weeks before WrestleMania."

Heyman also discusses what he would say to Punk, not being in creative, will he stick around when Brock Lesnar leaves WWE and more.

You can see the interview at: