Update on the Sin Cara Name, The Story of the “Yes Movement” (Video), Love & Sky Talk Beautiful People Reforming

Luis Alvirde Maintains He Will Use the "Sin Cara" Name

Luis Alvirde, who was officially released from WWE this week, is maintaining that he will be wrestling as Sin Cara in Mexico. He posted a Tweet in Spanish, prior to his WWE release, and the following is the English translation:

"I told my friend I will not be Mistico, I will be Sin Cara in Mexico. People Gossip. Any moment now, I will get my liberation from WWE and now I will be working in Mexico with all the attitude and enthusiasm in the world."

History of the "Yes Movement"

WWE has released the following video, taking a look at the history of the "Yes Movement:"

Love & Sky Talk Beautiful People Reforming

TNA has posted the following video, featuring Angelina Love and Velvet Sky talking about reforming The Beautiful People: