Bobby Roode Talks Changes in TNA, Former TNA Star Says Aces & Eights Could Have Lasted Longer, Scott Hall Thanks Fans

Bobby Roode Talks Current Changes in TNA

During a recent interview with, TNA star Bobby Roode had the following to say regarding changes being made in TNA:

"There are a lot of changes going on right now. I believe these changes have been a good thing. Lockdown was a really solid pay-per-view event and TNA is moving in a positive direction."

Former TNA Star Says Aces & Eights Could Have Lasted Longer

Former TNA Impact Wrestling star Wes Brisco says the Aces & Eights group could have lasted a lot longer before putting it to rest.

"It could have gone a lot longer; there could have been more story to it., but with new management what can you do?" he said.

Brisco, son of WWE hall of famer Gerald Brisco, was in action at the Miami-Dade County Youth Fairwhere he wrestled local indy talent Maxx Stardom.

The Aces & Eights storyline lasted for some time until the group was dismantled recently. Brisco was released earlier this year. He says he is keeping himself busy and is looking to compete perhaps outside the country.

"I've been training hopefully there are opportunities in Japan. I am training my butt off," he said. "Mostly every legend goes to Japan. It's another culture and another style of wrestling."

Lately, he has been getting advice from legends like Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart. He says he has learned a lot from them. "I got to talk to Bret for a long time when you get to talk to the vets you want to hear what is in their brains," he said.

He later added that legends told him "to be confident, to always believe in yourself once you walk out the curtain you are the man".

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Scott Hall Thanks Fans

The latest WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Scott Hall, has posted the following on Twitter: