TNA Impact Wrestling Results (3/20) – Beautiful People Reunion, Tag Team Triple Threat, Magnus/Joe Rematch

tna impact wrestling resultsTNA Impact Wrestling Results

March 20th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

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Abyss and Eric Young are fighting backstage to start the show, and ODB tries to break it up with a broom stick to Abyss's back. He shakes it off but Eric hits him with a trash can, then Abyss hits him with a PVC pipe and chokes him with it. ODB screams at security for help, then Eric throws Abyss into a wall before Abyss whips him into some chairs. Eric gets a chain and whips him, then he hits him in the face with it and they work towards ringside. Eric splashes him and swings with a chair, but Abyss recovers and slams him into the steps. Abyss rolls him inside and gets a chair, then Eric gets a few strikes in, but Abyss throws him face first into a chair and chokes him. They go back and forth a bit more, then Eric hits the ropes but Abyss counters with a Black Hole Slam before ODB runs out to check on Eric.

BP: ODB was unneccessary in this fight between friends. It was a good opening segment with enough backstory, but ODB playing sides with 'get him EY' and calling security when Abyss was winning was dumb. It was actually quite effective with no dialogue that led into the commentary team once they hit the ring.

Ethan Carter III vs Bobby Lashley

Lashley hits some quick clotheslines and a delayed vertical suplex, then he kicks Ethan in the corner and hiptosses him. He goes for a corner tackle but Ethan rolls outside, then Lashley chases him but Ethan hits him near the stairs and rolls him in. Ethan heads up top but Lashley throws him across the ring, then Ethan comes back with some strikes before Lashley hits a spinebuster. Lashley goes for a spear but Ethan rolls outside, then Lashley hits him on the floor before rolling him inside and stomping him in the corner. Ethan gets away again and rolls outside, but Willow runs out and attacks Ethan, whipping him into the steps a few times to cause a disqualification.

Winner (by disqualification) – Ethan Carter III

BP: An OK to good match that really just furthered the Hardy vs Carter feud. Lashley got some TV time in, but it really could have been anyone in there.

Ethan Carter argues with Magnus backstage and calls him an ass, then he tells Magnus that their business arragement with Dixie is over. Magnus says he kicked Dixie to the curb, then Ethan defends his aunt but Magnus says he should back off and watch the title match along with everyone else.