TNA Morale Sinks Following Lockdown PPV; Vince Russo Working Creative? Kurt Angle to Jeff Jarrett’s Wrestling Promotion?

tnaThe latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has a section looking at the current morale of the TNA locker room, and once again it's not good news. 

The roster was said to be in good spirits after a successful UK Tour, with several new signings, huge international crowds and Samoa Joe giving a pep talk to a bus full of Impact stars. However, following lackluster attendance for their recent Lockdown PPV, despite the show taking place in a large Miami market, faith in TNA President Dixie Carter and John Gaburick is low. So much so that "a lot of people in the company are outwardly rooting for Jeff Jarrett" in his endeavor to launch a new wrestling promotion. 

A lot of the concern backstage seems to be over creative decisions, with Austin Aries' recent heel turn going largely unnoticed, the tag team title swap being run at live events and totally overlooked on television, and how The Wolves have been handled so far. Long-time veteran Chris Daniels has a contract expiring soon, and many expect the situation to be similar to AJ Styles, where Daniels would have to take a significant pay cut to stay on the roster. 

Another concern is that many believe Vince Russo is working with the company on the creative end, but that the wrestlers aren't being told about it. The situation draws parallels with the last few years of WCW, where things were being done in secret, and very few people know what is actually going on with the company's creative department. 

The Observer also mentions that Kurt Angle is likely working out a new deal with TNA right now, and that he could be a top contender to show up in Jeff Jarrett's promotion once it launches, if the two sides don't come to an agreement. For what it's worth, Angle has also been telling people that he would like to end his career in WWE, and if a window still exists for that to happen, it's likely closing pretty quickly as Angle approaches 50.