TNA Knockout Angelina Love Talks Returning to TNA, a Beautiful People Reunion, Her Time Away From TNA and More

tna knockout angelina love​ has posted a 5 questions with TNA Knockout Angelina Love interview, and the following is a highlight:

What was it like to be standing in the ring with your former partner in the Beautiful People… Velvet Sky again?

It was amazing of course! We share a bond closer then sisters; no matter how much time & space come in between can separate that.

The Beautiful People is a part of myself & Velvet together, always has been, always will be. She has done amazing on her own since my departure and I’m so proud of her.  I feel that so much time has gone by and if we were able to put the Beautiful People back together… it would start a new era in the Knockouts Division… a beautiful one! 

The Beautiful People changed not only TNA but women’s wrestling when we debuted.  Look at the number of copycats that popped up when we were on top.  Often imitated but never duplicated.  In 2014, I look at who is out there… and there isn’t anyone who can touch what Velvet and I can do together. 

I just hope Velvet makes the right decision this Thursday!