TNA Impact Wrestling Results (3/13) – MVP’s Principles, Several New Debuts & Returns, Bully Speaks

Impact Wrestling results

TNA Impact Wrestling Results

March 13th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for

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Ethan Carter leads a group backstage and finds Bobby Roode, blaming him for his aunt's removal from power, but Roode says it's Dixie's fault. Roode says her insurance policy Bully Ray screwed them all over, then they agree and decide to do something about it. After a recap video, MVP comes out and says Dixie Land is closed, and they are going to move forward towards success, but he needs to make note of something. He says he doesn't know why Bully Ray got involved, but he will have his own time to speak and will be treated fairly. MVP says he's in charge now so he wants to start his "Motivate, Validate, Participate" way of business, and he wants everyone to get a fair shot and stay in line. Magnus cuts him off and says this is ridiculous, and he should stop wasting time and listen up, because Dixie fumbled but he took the ball and scored.

Magnus says he kept his own reign intact, and he is more powerful than ever because of Abyss, his insurance policy and associate. Abyss (with a new look) enters the ring and Magnus agrees with the fans' 'you sold out' chants, because will use Abyss like never before. Magnus says Abyss is only half monster, because he is motivated by destruction AND money, and he's got plenty of money to go around. MVP says Magnus was getting his ass kicked until 'The Monster' handed him a win, so they are going to get another man to join the conversation. MVP invites Samoa Joe to the ring to settle things, and he says Joe is very calm and collected instead of attacking because Joe believes in the principles of MVP. He announces Joe will get a rematch against Magnus next week, and Joe will get validation against Abyss, in a match right now.

Samoa Joe vs Abyss

Joe tackles Abyss and punches him a few times, then they stand off as we go to a commercial break. We get back to see Joe stomp Abyss in the corner, then Abyss knees him in the ribs and focuses on the midsection. Abyss hits him a few times before attempting a chokeslam, but Joe counters with a kick to the face and a backsplash. Joe hits a spinning powerslam and a corner knee, then he sets up a Muscle Buster but the weight is too much for his injured ribs. Abyss chokeslams him and goes for Janice, but Eric Young runs in and knocks him down with a missile dropkick and throws him out of the ring.

Winner (by disqualification) – Samoa Joe

BP: Good opening segment getting right to the point, setting up tonight's show and a title rematch. Good interaction between Magnus and MVP. Not sure what's up with Abyss' new mask, it looks odd, like Kane's last mask, but brown. An EY/Abyss feud could be good given all the history between the two.