Dennis Rodman Meets Former WWE Stars in NYC (Photos), The Shield Implosion Might Not Be That Close After All

Dennis Rodman Meets Former WWE Stars

dennis rodman​The Heyman Hustle is reporting former NBA star Dennis Rodman was in New York City over the weekend, where he met Four Horsemen Manager JJ Dillion, former Straight Edge Society Member Serena Deeb, former TNA Knockout SoCal Val, and former WWE star The Boogeyman. You can check out exclusive photos of Rodman meeting the pro wrestling personalities at this link.

New Blog Examines The Implosion of The Shield

Tom Clark of The Layfield Report has posted a new blog examining why the implosion of The Shield might not be as imminent as everyone thinks it to be. The following is a blog excerpt, and you can check out the entire piece at this link:

The Shield's problems are beginning to boil over in WWE. The trio has seen their dominance in the company come under serious scrutiny over the past several months as chinks in their armor have become painfully apparent.

But despite the issues these three have had, the fact is that they are still together. And that means that the epic implosion that most WWE fans believe will happen may not go down as expected.

Like many of the WWE faithful, I saw the approaching judgment day for The Shield. The fact is that while they have been strong for so long, their weakness have been rising to the surface more and more over the past few months.

However those weaknesses are not caused by any outside forces. Truth be told, most of the WWE locker room have been trying to bring The Hounds of Justice down since they moment they first debuted. And so far, they have had very little success.