TNA Lockdown PPV Results (3/9): Who Has Control of TNA Wrestling? Wrestle-1 Takes on Bad Influence, Blockbuster Returns & More

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Cage Match

Magnus (c) vs. Samoa Joe

This match is "Joe's Rules" and can only end via "knock-out, tap-out, or submission" – can anybody explain to me how that isn't redundant? On queue, Taz is trying to explain the difference, but it's completely semantics and doesn't matter at all. 

Joe goes into a hammerlock immediately, but Magnus gets in the ropes and pulls himself free. Magnus drops into a side headlock, but Joe shoots out of it and goes to work with rapid-fire rights and lefts. He hits a suplex and tries for a back splash, but the champion rolls out of the way and immediately responds with right hands and chops in the corner. Joe counters by tossing Magnus off the cage, and seeing him split open, attacks the cut like a shark to blood. 

After a barrage of rights to the cut on Magnus, the champ fires back with an elbow and busts open Samoa Joe as well. Magnus locks in a Figure Four, but Joe reverses the pressure and forces him to break the hold. Instead he tries for a camel clutch, but Joe stands up and smashes them into the ring post. Both men down. 

Both guys slowly get to their feet and Magnus rakes the eyes of his opponent, but Joe responds with a snap powerslam and goes right into a cross armbreaker. Magnus gets his foot under the bottom rope and THE REFEREE FORCES JOE TO BREAK THE HOLD!? Nevermind this is a no disqualification match insdie a STEEL CAGE, apparently there are still ropebreaks. 

The champion attacks with right hands, but Joe fires back with overhand chops. He sets up Magnus on the top rope and levels him with a knife-edge chop. Magnus tries to escape by climbing the cage, but Joe crotches him on the top turnbuckle. He sets up for the Muscle Buscle and…he hits it! The read naked choke is locked in tight and Magnus is flailing everywhere. A hand…comes from under the ring…through the mat – I'm not making this crap up – and pulls Joe underneath the ring. 

What is happening. Magnus acts like he has no idea what is going on. After a few minutes, Samoa Joe comes back up from under the ring looking like a demon possessed. He begins to choke Magnus out, but Abyss comes from under the ring and attacks Joe with Janice, the 2×4 covered in nails. 

Magus smiles at Abyss/Joseph Park and locks in the rear naked choke on Samoa Joe. The referee raises Joe's hand three times, and three times it falls to the mat, forcing him to call for the bell. 

Winner: Magnus

By the way, Borash announces Magnus the winner by SUBMISSION. 

Magnus celebrates with Abyss behind him to close this match out.