WWE Smackdown Results (3/7) – Christian vs Ziggler, Bryan/Big Show vs Kane/Batista, Does The Shield Reconcile?

WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown Results

March 7th 2014

Report by Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

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Christian vs Dolph Ziggler

Christian kicks Dolph and whips him, but Dolph grabs the ropes and connects with a diving clothesline. Christian gets up and slaps him, but Dolph sweeps his leg and hits several rapid elbow drops before Christian sends him outside. Dolph sidesteps a baseball slide kick but Christian slingshots him into the apron, then he whips him into the steps and chokes him on the ropes. He elbows Dolph for a near fall, then Christian throws him on the floor and slams his head into the broadcast table. Christian hits a missile dropkick for two, then he slingshots Dolph throat first into the bottom rope before Dolph counters a facelock with a jawbreaker.

Dolph counters a crossbody with a midair dropkick, then he hits a crossbody before connecting with some mounted punches and a neckbreaker. Christian goes for a Killswitch, but Dolph counters with a DDT for two, then Christian tries to steal a rollup and uses the ropes for leverage. The referee catches him and Dolph goes for a Zig Zag, but Christian counters so Dolph instead hits an inverted facebuster for two. Alberto Del Rio (at commentary) jumps up on the table and gets Dolph's attention, and Christian hits a Killswitch for the win. Renee Young tries to interview Christian after the match but Sheamus hits the ring, and he throws a few punches before Christian ducks a Brogue Kick and runs away.

Winner – Christian

Batista comes out and says he asked a simple question last week, and he wants to know where all the real men in WWE are. He says Dolph Ziggler was what he got, and that little pretty boy wanted some fame but he destroyed him like he said he would. He says Monday was the same thing with Daniel Bryan, but he beat him up too, and Batista says he's the superhero they all pay to see. Daniel Bryan cuts him off and says Batista is no hero, but Batista says it's not Bryan either, and WWE went downhill when they started hiring guys like him. Batista tells him to buy a ticket like a fan and watch a real main eventer, but Bryan mocks his skinny jeans and says he is forgetting some details. (Cont'd…)