Report: Scott Steiner vs TNA Lawsuit Postponed, Latest Details Regarding the Lawsuit’s Future & Other Litigation

Scott Steiner vs tna​The ongoing civil lawsuit between Scott Steiner and TNA, which was set to begin later this month, was postponed this past Friday by the Nashville Chancery Court, reports The pre-trial conference for the suit is now set for November 20th, while the trial itself will not begin until December 8th.

TNA filed suit against Scott "Steiner" Rechsteiner back in 2012, and the company cited defamation of character, claiming Steiner's numerous Twitter rants directed towards Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Brooke Hogan, Bruce Prichard and others were a violation of Steiner's TNA contract. Steiner argued that he was speaking on behalf of other TNA stars who could not speak up, and was also speaking for the good of the fans.

Steiner then filed a counter-suit against TNA claiming that his contract had already expired at the time he made the Twitter comments, and that he had already refused a new TNA deal. That suit was later dropped.

However, Steiner still has another lawsuit against TNA pending, and that suit claims he was injured while working with Jeff Hardy, who Steiner claims was intoxicated, and in "no condition to perform" in the ring.