The Very Latest on Sting Heading to WWE; Has He Actually Signed a Deal?, Are Negotiations Ongoing?, Much More

sting​We noted earlier today that Rob Feinstein of is reporting Sting has signed a WWE Legend's deal, however it is unknown when he will be making his debut with the company. is now reporting that negotiations are actually still ongoing between Sting and WWE, and that a decision has to be made within the next 2 weeks as to whether or not he joins the company.

According to the report, several factors are still being worked out between both sides, one of them being what Sting is and is not willing to do creatively. The backstage feeling in WWE is that Sting realizes if he is indeed going to have a run in the company then the time is now. This doesn't necessarily mean all this has to happen by WrestleMania 30, as Sting could go back to work for TNA for another year, but the clock on his time to debut in WWE is definitely clicking.

As far as WrestleMania 30 is concerned, the impression has been made in WWE that a match between Sting and The Undertaker will not happen at the PPV, however the idea of Sting making his WWE debut at 'Mania has been discussed.

From WWE's side of things, the company feels that with the Network launching soon, Sting could be very useful when pushing WCW content, as he's considered a "face" of the promotion. In the past WWE has had to rely on names like Ric Flair and DDP to push WCW content, but with Sting onboard, he could be a big asset where WCW content is concerned.