Why Bryan’s Current Run Must Lead to a WWE World Title, Surprises Planned for TNA UK Tour

Why Bryan's Run Must Result in a Title

Tom Clark of The Layfield Report has posted a new blog on why Daniel Bryan's current WWE run must lead to the WWE World Title, and the following is a blog excerpt. You can check out the entire piece at this link.

Bryan's run was thanks in large part to Kane, who gave him the rub in their tag team. Team Hell No entertained fans from young to old; basically when they were on camera you couldn't help but smile. While their pairing seemed very odd at first, the fact is that they made it work and quickly became the hottest property in WWE.

Now that he's back up, it truly feels as though he has to win the WWE World Championship. It seems to be the only logical choice, the only real sensible move. After all if the point of lifting him up to just bring him back down was done to build character, then it worked. Bryan seems more confident, more focused than ever before and his connection to the crowd has never been stronger.

Surprises Planned for TNA's UK Tour

TNA President Dixie Carter has posted the following on Twitter:

It has been rumored that MVP might be making his TNA debut on the UK tour, despite his assurance on Twitter that he has not signed a deal with the company.