TNA Impact Wrestling Results (1/23) – Genesis Part 2, Angle vs Roode, Is Sting Gone From The Company?

The BroMans hit the ring and talk about having a 'Bro-Ment' that's guaranteed to be a hit, then they talk about Zema Ion cashing in his briefcase. They say he will be the best X Division champion ever, then Zema says they should talk about the great tag team champions that they are before mocking Eric Young and Joseph Park. Eric runs to the ring and hits a dropkick, then Zema hits him from behind and they hold him up while Robbie punches him. Abyss makes the save and hits a clothesline and a chokeslam, then he drops Robbie with a Black Hole Slam before Zema begs him to stop. Abyss hits Shock Treatment and clears the ring, then Eric gets up and Abyss chokes him before backing away and taunting the BroMans on the ramp.

Samoa Joe vs Rockstar Spud

Spud yells at Joe and pumps himself up, then he kicks Joe a few times but Joe just shakes it off and chops him across the chest. Joe stomps him several times and goes for a running boot, but Spud rolls away and heads up top, only to have Joe catch him by the throat. Spud rakes Joe's eyes and throws him in the corner, but Joe counters a splash with a Uranage slam, then he follows with some knees to the face. Joe throws him in the corner and hits a Muscle Buster, then taps him out with the Coquina Clutch and holds it until Spud passes out. Joe gets on the mic and says Dixie Carter had better not get involved with the main event, because any of her friends will have to go through him.

Winner – Samoa Joe

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

(If Sting Loses, His Contract Is Voided)

Sting (w/ Samoa Joe) vs Magnus (c)

Magnus applies a wristlock but Sting reverses, then Magnus stomps him a few times before Sting goes for a Scorpion Death Drop and throws an elbow. They both hit the ropes but collide in midiar, then Ethan Carter III makes his way out but Joe cuts him off on the ramp. We get back from a break to see Sting apply a Scorpion Deathlock, but Ethan runs back out with Bad Influence and they attack Joe on the floor. Ethan assists Magnus in his attack on Sting, but Joe breaks free and throws them outside before hitting a suicide dive. Sting counters a suplex with a Death Drop, but Zema Ion breaks up the pin and Joe pulls him outside before BroMans attack him. Sting ends up getting attacked by Bro Mans, Zema and Bad Influence, but Kurt Angle runs out and makes the save, taking people out with several German suplexes. Kurt hits some Angle Slams and leaves the ring, then he fights to the back with several of Sting's attackers. Magnus avoids a Stinger Splash and the ref ends up getting hit, then Sting goes for a Deathlock but Bobby Roode runs out and hits him from behind. Magnus rolls over and hits a Mag Daddy Driver, then Dixie Carter comes out and makes Earl Hebner make the count, and Magnus tears Sting's contract up before Dixie raises his arm.

Winner – Magnus

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