Updated List of Royal Rumble Match Participants, WWE Polls Fans on Sherman, Former TNA Star Teases Retirement

Former TNA Star Teases Retirement

royal rumble match​According to ProWrestling.net, former TNA star Jesse Neal teased retiring from pro wrestling at last night's USWA event in Jacksonville, Florida. Neal spoke to fans about spending time with his family and focusing on other projects.

He did not, however, officially announce that he is retiring.

WWE Polls Fans on Sherman

WWE has polled fans on its website, asking whether or not NFL player Richard Sherman would make a good WWE superstar.

With almost 4,000 votes cast as of this writing, 67% of fans voted, "Yes. Sherman's athletic ability and Sunday's controversial post-game interview showed that he would excel in the ring."

Updated List of Royal Rumble Match Entrants

The following is the updated list of WWE Royal Rumble match participants:


-Alberto Del Rio

-Kofi Kingston

-The Miz

-Big E. Langston


-Cody Rhodes


-Xavier Woods

-CM Punk


-Rey Mysterio

-Wade Barrett

-Seth Rollins

-Roman Reigns

-Dean Ambrose