Why Did Kaitlyn Leave WWE? Former Diva Reveals Future Plans

why did kaitlyn leave wweWhy Did Kaitlyn Leave WWE?

Former WWE Diva Kaitlyn has posted a new video message revealing why she left WWE. You can watch the video below, but here are the specifics:

– She's getting married and will be handling the wedding herself, which is "not that easy". 

– She will be getting back into the fitness industry, working with a company called Prime Nutrition.

– She will be starting a passion project of her own, Celestial Bodiez, which will be a women's fitness clothing and apparel line.

It's being said that very few were aware of Kaitlyn's decision to leave WWE beforehand. While most of the time, it's known for weeks — even months — in advance of a talent leaving the company. However, Kaitlyn's departure was reportedly more of a "spur of the moment" decision it appears.