Jeff Hardy, Ryder, Summer Rae & Others Help Raise Money, Bad Influence Update, Was 2013 Goldust’s Best Year?

Was 2013 Goldust's Best Year?

Tom Clark of The Layfield Report has posted a new blog looking at the year Goldust had in 2013, and below are some blog excerpts. You can check out the entire piece at this link:

When WWE fans are asked what the biggest story of 2013 was, the majority of them will likely say Daniel Bryan's main event run against The Authority. Truth be told it's very difficult to argue against this one, as Bryan blossomed in 2013 as a top performer, a guy who can get it done on a very high level every time he's in the ring. I would say that you would be hard pressed to find anyone that disagreed with that sentiment.

But for me, the return of Goldust is a very close number two. In fact, it was almost too close to call.

In this day and age of former Superstars retuning to the ring, it is rare to find someone with the pedigree and career that Dustin Rhodes already has, coming back to the fold. It is even rarer to see a veteran talent come back and look 20 years younger every time he steps through the ropes.

Jeff Hardy, Ryder, Summer Rae & Others Help Raise Money

WWE Hall of Famer Adam "Edge" Copeland has noted the following on Twitter:

Bad Influence Update

Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) are available for wrestling, seminar, autograph and appearance bookings through Bill Behrens ([email protected]), and Both are based in Los Angeles.

They commented modestly as follows:

"For a good while now, we at Bad Influence have said we're the best tag team in the Biz-I-Ness, but our New Years Resolution this year is to prove to everyone what we already know. So ATTENTION ALL PROMOTERS AND WRESTLERS: If you think you measure up to our standards, prove it and book your best against us on our Best In The Biz-I-Ness Tour 2014! For information, contact our business guru Bill Behrens at [email protected], and be prepared to worship us…. NOW!"