Jim Cornette Posts Blog Regarding Recent Samoa Joe ROH Comments, Layfield Report Looks at Top 5 2013 WWE Feuds

Jim Cornette Posts Blog Regarding Recent Samoa Joe ROH Comments

Samoa Joe rohJim Cornette has posted a new blog over at F4WOnline.com, offering an explanation of recent comments made by Samoa Joe that he is no longer welcome in Ring of Honor Wrestling. Below is a blog excerpt:

I haven't been on the internet much the past few days because, well, it's Christmastime, but I just found out that Samoa Joe is of the belief I may have made disparaging comments about him in a recent interview, and I want to clarify those statements. Whether someone has misrepresented my meaning to Joe, whether he read a transcript of the audiopodcast and did not know the context, or whether this is simply internet rumor from people challenged in the comprehension of the use of irony or sarcasm, I'm not sure. But my comments in effect were praisingJoe, not disparaging him.

In response to a question about the TNA-AJ Styles situation, I expressed the opinion that AJ was right in standing up for himself and the money he wanted, but that it was a sad fact that at TNA's level of business and the way they've booked their talent, he's probably not worth to them what he wants, and should be making in wrestling.

Layfield Report Looks at Top 5 2013 WWE Feuds

Justin Watry has posted a new blog over at The Layfield Report, looking at the top 5 2013 WWE feuds, and below is number 5. You can check out the rest of the list at this link:

5. CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. The Rock from early 2013 – I think everybody knew what the endgame was coming out of 2012. Punk would hold the WWE Title for over a year. The Rock would win the strap at the Royal Rumble. John Cena would get a title shot somehow and defeat Rocky at WrestleMania 29. Simple enough, right? Yet, WWE took us in many different ways all leading to the same exact payoff many predicted months in advance. We saw two very good Punk/Rocky title matches, Cena winning the Rumble, as well as a classic on Raw between Punk/Cena before getting a rematch of Rock/Cena for the belt. Great stuff.