Exclusive: Big Update on AJ Styles’ TNA Status, Has He Re-Signed with the Company?

aj stylesAmidst skepticism regarding AJ Styles' current TNA status, WrestleZone has learned this afternoon, from a source within TNA, that AJ Styles has in fact re-signed with TNA, and the public statement he issued yesterday claiming to be done with the company is indeed a work.

"The statement Styles issued yesterday was a work, and a blasphemous one at that," a TNA source told WZ.

We also reported yesterday that Styles has signed on to appear at the upcoming UWE event on March 15th, which is likely something TNA officials agreed to in order to further the appearance that Styles is done with TNA.

Styles is also currently booked for 8 other independent appearances in 2014, so it remains to be seen whether or not he pulls out of all or some of them, or works the dates despite re-signing with TNA.