WWE RAW Results (12/16) – Punk/Usos vs Shield, Fans Vote Rhodes’ Opponents, Bryan vs Orton


By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

December 16th 2013

The whole locker room is on the stage as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon start the show in the ring, and she says tonight is important because they are paying respect to a great man. HHH says WWE's history collided with it's future, and Randy Orton became a champion of champions, then he introduces Orton to the crowd. Orton stares at the locker room as he makes his way out, stopping and smirking at John Cena, then he enters the ring and says it's nice to be right. He says he had no doubt he would win, and the fans believed he had things handed to him, but he took what he wanted and proved himself. Orton says he's better than them all and more powerful, then Cena calls him an idiot so Orton calls for his mic to be shut off before he ruins this. Cena says he wants to save some time and congratulates him, and he says Orton was the better man, but that title forces him to put up or shut up every night he has it.

Cena says he's heard Orton talk enough, so it's time he does something else, then Orton says he won't get his rematch but Cena says he's not talking about himself. He says he told someone they'd get a fair shot if he won, and he wants Orton to do the right thing and defend his title against Daniel Bryan. Orton screams for security but Cena tells him to care about his legacy, then he says the right thing is to face Bryan tonight. Cena says he must be scared, but Orton says he doesn't have to listen to any of them, then Stephanie says he has to listen to them. Orton says Cena is out of line and he is trying to stay calm, but she can't think this is best for business, because it's not. HHH says Bryan doesn't deserve a title match right now, but Stephanie says Bryan was voted Superstar of the Year, so they listen to the fans and asks if that's what they want. Orton says he went through hell last night, but HHH says he can't think of a better way to start Orton's reign off, and Orton gets a chance to silence his critics.

Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes & Goldust (c)

Cody hiptosses Rey and puts him in an armbar, then Rey takes him outside with a hurricanrana and a kick through the ropes. Rey splashes him and rolls him back in, then Rey goes to springboard in but Cody catches him with a Disaster Kick for a near fall. Cody hits a front release suplex for two, then he gets Rey with a drop toe hold as Goldust tags in and elbows him in the head. Goldust applies an armbar as Cody tags back in, but Rey kicks him off the ropes and Show tags in and knocks Cody down as we cut to a break. We get back to see Show get a near fall, then he chops Cody and kicks him in the face after Cody tries to attack him. Show applies a headlock but Cody breaks it with a jawbreaker, then Show prevents him from making a tag before hitting a Showstopper for a near fall. Show heads up top but Cody rolls away from an elbow drop, then Goldust finally gets the tag and he takes Show down with a clothesline and a dropkick. Show whips him but Goldust uppercuts him and and hits a crossbody, then he goes for a suplex but Show chokeslams him for a near fall. Cody breaks it up but Show throws him over the top rope, then Goldust kicks Show in the face, but Show sidesteps a moonsault and knocks Goldust out before Rey splashes him for the win.

Winners – Big Show & Rey Mysterio