Update on Jeff Hardy’s Status with TNA (Impact Wrestling Spoilers)

Jeff Hardy cd release party​TNA has taped several weeks of Impact Wrestling in advance, and in one of the upcoming 2014 episodes, they ran an angle where Jeff Hardy claimed to have wrestled his last match, thanking the fans and condemning the currently Dixie Carter regime. Many people are speculating that Hardy's current run with TNA Wrestling could be coming to an end this year, along with AJ Styles' contract expiring, and rumors that Sting could be leaving the company soon as well. 

Jeff Hardy is not leaving TNA Wrestling, and in fact, it was announced in February of this year that the "Charismatic Enigma" had signed a new long-term contract. His character's temporary departure is a way for TNA to write him off television to prepare for the upcoming UK tour, which Hardy cannot attend. This posed a problem in 2013 when Hardy, then the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, could not accompany TNA overseas to defend his title and was off television for more than a month. 

I recently spoke with Jeff's brother Matt Hardy, and asked him about the future of former tag team championship partner. While Matt hadn't specifically talked to his brother yet concerning his intentions, he did say that he expects Hardy to remain with TNA for awhile.