TNA Impact Wrestling Results (11/7) – Full Metal Mayhem, Roode & Angle Brawl, Mafia Disbands, Do The Aces Follow Suit?

Impact WrestlingTNA Impact Wrestling Results

By Bill Pritchard for

November 7th 2013

The Main Event Mafia comes out together and Sting says they stand united, but he has a big announcement to make, and they are taking a hiatus. He says they have been through a lot together but they all have been going in different directions, and he sees all of them as future world champions. Sting says he is going to deal with entitlement, and he has a problem with people who come in and think they deserve it all right away. He says he has respect for this business and those who came before him, then he hugs each one of them and leaves the ring. Joe says they've had each others backs lately, but it's been too long since he's been champion and he knows he will have to go through both of them.

Joe says they make much better enemies and leaves, then Magnus says Kurt's road to redemption is inspiring, but it will run into his road to destiny. Magnus says it's fair that he tells him this face to face, but he will mow Kurt down if he has to, because all he has on his mind is World Championship gold. Magnus hands him the mic and leaves Kurt alone, and Kurt says it's been an honor to have the Mafia back, but they have to move on. Kurt says he is going to win the World Heavyweight Championship, and he had a setback last week, but his doctor gave him great news this week. Bobby Roode cuts him off and says this is pathetic, and he says Kurt should just be a man and admit he lost twice, then move on. Roode says he is moving on, but if Kurt just happens to get to the tournament finals, he has no problem kicking his ass for a third time.

Kurt says he expects to meet him in the finals, but he doesn't want to wait, then he pummels Roode in the corner until a group of referees break them up. We get back from a break to see Kurt still sitting in the ring, and he says he doesn't care if he has to wait all week, because he is going to kick Roode's ass. He says Roode should get this over with and come back out, then Roode storms down the ramp and starts swinging at Kurt again. They lay into each other a few times until they are separated by several officials, then Kurt is led up the ramp but turns and charges the ring. Kurt sweeps Roode's legs and hits him a few times, then they finally get them separated for good after a few wrestlers come out from the locker room. Bad Influence leaves the ring and taunts Pacman Jones and DeQuin Evans of the Cincinnati Bengals in the crowd, but Pacman and Evans hop the rail and run them off after punching them and press slamming them.