TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/17) – Sabin vs Joe, Dixie Puts A Bounty On AJ Styles, World Title Contract Signing

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By Bill Pritchard for

October 17th 2013

Dixie Carter comes out with security and says great pieces of art take time, and this Sunday her greatest work will be revealed. She says AJ Styles is too stupid to know when to quit, and he should leave with integrity, but he just won't listen. Dixie says her job is to evaluate, and she has a big contract signing ready, but she wonders what will happen if AJ doesn't make it to Bound For Glory? She says tonight may be AJ's last night and someone else may step up, but she knows there's someone there who will take her money. Dixie apologizes that AJ won't be in the main event, but she wants to make someone rich and motions to the security guard. He opens the case and reveals $50,000 in cash, and she says there's a live bounty on AJ as Bully Ray interrupts the segment.

Bully says they don't really get along, but he likes the offer and he doesn't really care who he faces at Bound For Glory. Magnus comes out and says he wants to get this straight, and twelve men broke themselves for the Bound For Glory tournament, but Dixie wants to ruin it and bribe someone to take AJ's place. Magnus says he understands why people says she sucks, and he's really serious when he says he can't stand listening to Bully talk anymore. He says he will fight him for free tonight, then Bully talks himself up and says the fans like Magnus, but he knows Magnus is a fraud. Bully calls him a loser and a disappointment, then Magnus drops him with one punch and Bully rolls outside and says the match is on.

Christopher Daniels vs Hernandez vs Robbie E vs Eric Young

Robbie hits Eric from behind and taunts him in the corner, then Eric hits a crossbody and applies a wristlock before Hernandez tags himself in. Robbie runs away and tags Daniels, then Hernandez kicks Daniels and lifts him for a shoulder breaker before Daniels floats over and hits the ropes. Hernandez knocks him down and hits the ropes, then Robbie hits him in the back so Hernandez knocks him off the apron as Daniels goes after Hernandez on the apron. Daniels sends Hernandez into the corner and Robbie tags back in, then he hits him a few times and connects with a splash from the middle rope. Robbie and Daniels argue over getting a pin attempt, then Daniels shoves Robbie as Hernandez splashes him from the apron. Hernandez goes for a corner splash but Daniels throws him outside, then he whips Eric but Eric connects with a belly-to-belly suplex. He heads up top and connects with an elbow drop, but Robbie runs in and throws him on the floor before stealing the pin for himself.

Winner – Robbie E