Kane Being Advertised for 6 Man Tag Match, Update on Current WWE Lawsuit

KaneKane Advertised for 6 Man Match

Kane, who we noted recently wrapped filming for "See No Evil 2," is expected to return to WWE very soon. He is currently being advertised to team with Cody Rhodes and Goldust at the 11/6 WWE Live Event in Columbia, South Carolina, so it appears as if he will be back at least by then.

Update on Current WWE Lawsuit

According to PWInsider.com, WWE and James Papa are working on a settlement to a current lawsuit brought forth by Papa alleging WWE did not compensate him or properly credit him for the company's use of WCW Slamjam music.

Papa claimed WWE misappropriated the music's copyright when the company credited in-house composer James Johnston. Both sides will meet again after a meeting with a mediator failed to reach a settlement agreement.