TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/10) – Dixie Threatens BFG Plans, Lets Bully Ray Get ‘Revenge’, Kurt Angle Returns

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By Bill Pritchard for

October 10th 2013

Dixie Carter comes out and says Hulk Hogan is gone and never coming back, and she won't even refer to him by name ever again. She says she provided him an opportunity and he tried to tell her how to run her company, but she doesn't need any of them. Dixie says she certainly doesn't need AJ Styles either, and she made him leave last week but he snuck back in and attacked someone at ringside. She asks AJ what he's thinking, but she wants him to know she will allow AJ in the building tonight, and she has something special planned tonight. Dixie says she is giving Bully Ray the choice to book AJ in any match he wants, then Sting comes out and wants to know what is going on with her.

Dixie says Bound For Glory is supposed to be her 'wake up call,' but she is awake, and everyone is under review, including Sting himself. Dixie says Sting is the one who influenced her to hire Hulk as GM, then she asks why he took things into his own hands and booked a match with Magnus. She says she will do something about it if she has to, and they might fight in two weeks, but Sting and Magnus and going to team against Bad Influence tonight. Dixie tells Sting she is going to hype things up a bit more, and she says if either Sting or Magnus loses tonight, neither one of them will be at Bound For Glory. Dixie says his future is in her hand, and that's what is going on, then she says she wants him to win and wishes him luck.

AJ Styles is shown arriving to the building and he says it's nice to be here without security chasing him, and he says he isn't concerned with Bully Ray tonight. He says everyone knows he won't back down from a fight, and Dixie knows he'll make her pay, and she knows he'll win the title at Bound For Glory. AJ says Dixie is using her power and leverage to keep him from the title, but after Bound For Glory, he will have it all.