WWE Live Event Results (9/21): Hidalgo, TX; John Laurinaitis Returns!

John LaurinaitisThanks to Ricardo for sending in the following:

Tony Chimel welcomes us to the show and asks us to stand up and show respect for the United States anthem. After that the first match started:

First Match

Tons of Funk vs Hunico and Camacho

I was surprised by how much the crowd got involved with the match, lots of Sweet T chants. It was a short match but it had some funny moments like Hunico trying to body slam Sweet T with no success, then making the tag to Camacho who also tried to body slam Sweet T, Camacho was able to do it the third time he tried, this garnered cheers from the crowd. The end came when Sweet T made the tag to Brodus who then proceeded to clean house culminating with a splash from the second rope unto Hunico for the pin.

Winners: Tons of Funk

After the match Chimel tells us that there will be a fans choice math between Brie Bella and Alicia Fox, the options were a Divas Match or a Diva Dance Off.

Big Show comes for his match to a huge ovation, however after his music stopped playing out comes John Laurinaitis, I was not expecting that!!! He then tells us how much he cares about the people and how he was using people power to cancel Big Show’s match. He then tells Show that he is going to be seating at ringside during the main event and that he is not allowed to intervene.

Third Match

Triple Threat Match for the United Stated Championship

Bo Dallas vs Fandango vs Dean Ambrose

I believe I was one of the few people who knew who Bo Dallas is since he came out to little reaction; nevertheless he won the crowd over after the end of the match. Fandango was super over, lots of Fandango chants during the match. Ambrose also had lots of support. This was a cool match with lots of action inside and outside the ring. At some point during the match Fandango was bleeding from the nose, I believe it was due to a kick to the face by Ambrose. There was a cool spot where Ambrose was going to perform a superplex to Fandango from the top rope, Dallas then came running picked Ambrose and power bombed him while he was superplexing Fandango. The end of the match came when Dallas hit his finisher on Fandango, Ambrose then comes from behind and uses a roll up to pin Dallas.

Winner and still U.S. Champion: Dean Ambrose

Fourth Match

Fans Choice Divas Match

Alicia Fox vs Brie Bella

Chimel announces the results of the voting process, with Diva Dance Off being the chosen stipulation. I must be honest I left to buy CM Punk’s sweatshirt when this was announced; when I came back they were having a match. The end of the match came when Alicia pinned Brie using a roll up.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Fifth Match

Tag-Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championships

The Awesome Truth vs The Shield

Miz comes first to a huge ovation; he then grabs the microphone and tells us about the attack he received at the hands of Randy Orton on Monday. He says that he went to his doctor for a checkup. His doctor told him that he had to rest in order to heal properly, Miz however told him that he was not going to do that since he was going to reform the Awesome Truth for one night to challenge the Shield at Hidalgo. R-Truth comes next to another huge ovation, with The Shield coming last. This was a really good match, Miz received the most punishment for most of the match, Rollins is really awesome in the ring, I love that awesome kick he does. The end of the match comes when R-Truth gets the tag begins cleaning house and then hits Rollins with the What’s Up? for the pin, Ambrose then runs in and attacks R-Truth to cause the disqualification. They continue to assault R-Truth until Miz makes the save with a chair.

Winners by DQ: The Awesome Truth


Sixth Match

Handicap Match

3MB (Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) vs The Great Khali

Khali wins after hitting Mahal with his finisher.

Seventh Match

Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel

Cesaro comes to a lot boos; he proceeded to grab the microphone and told us that he did not see any real americans only immigrants, he then prepared to say “We The People” but stopped when he heard us say it too. He then told us how unrespectful we were by saying those words while being immigrants. Gabriel came out to a huge ovation, and I mean huge! Lots of lets go Justin, Justin Gabriel, and Justin chants. I believe that he was also surprised by how much we cheered him. This was also the best match of the night at that moment, Cesaro and Gabriel fought for 15-16 minutes in a really good contest. Lots of false finishes and awesome moves, Cesaro span Gabriel 27 times using his giant swing (that was awesome!). The end came when Gabriel countered a move by Cesaro, whipped him to the corner and hit him with a splash, Gabriel then began to climb the turnbuckle Cesaro tried to attack but received a kick by Gabriel who then performed the 450 splash for the pin. I must say that Justin Gabriel really deserves to at least be given a shot at the U.S. or Intercontinental championships he is a really good wrestler and can have awesome matches if given more than 3 or 4 minutes.

Winner: Justin Gabriel

Main Event

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Orton came out to a lot of cheers by the women and kids attending the event. Bryan as always is super over. Really great match with lots of action with Randy hitting Bryan with a superplex from the top rope, Bryan performing a top rope huracanrana and a suicide dive to the outside. The end of the match came when Bryan countered the RKO and hit Randy with his running knee finisher pinning him for the win. The Shield then came out to attack him, the Miz and R-Truth then tried to make the save to no avail. When the Shield were going to perform the triple power bomb on Bryan Big Show decided that he had seen enough and intervened by spearing Reigns, then attacking Rollins and Ambrose. Miz then hit Ambrose with the Skull Crushing Finale, R-Truth hit Rollins with the What’s Up? and Big Show hit Reigns with the W.M.D. Big Show then asked Bryan for his forgiveness with Bryan saying no and then hugging it out in the middle of the ring to send us happy.

Overall it was a really great show, the place was full and the crowd was really into each match, with the best match in my opinion being the Antonio Cesaro vs Justin Gabriel contest, that match was really good.

Biggest Pops: Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Justin Gabriel, Fandango.

Biggest Heat: The Shield (after attacking Bryan), Antonio Cesaro and John Laurinaitis.