Another Big JR/WWE Update: Ross Said to Have Been “Let Go,” “Retirement” Excuse Said to be a PR Move, What Really Caused Ross’ Departure

Jim RossDave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer just released a breaking audio update, and has provided even more information on the developing story of Jim Ross announcing his retirement from WWE.

According to Meltzer, JR met with Vince McMahon in Connecticut last night, and all but a handful of Vince's inner circle had any idea why the meeting was taking place.

The reason why Jim Ross was let go from WWE was due to his inability to control Ric Flair at the WWE 2K Sports panel that took place the night before SummerSlam. As we noted earlier, there was talk of letting JR go "the minute the panel ended," as WWE felt he should have cut Flair off and regained control of the event.

Meltzer further noted that the part of the panel that drew the most heat for Flair was when he made mention of his son Reid's death and when he joked that John Cena never used to drink before they met but now he downs a six pack of beer every night.

The update went on to note that WWE is using the "retirement" excuse as a PR move to avoid major uproar over the firing of a beloved WWE talent and Hall of Famer. Meltzer stands by his belief that Ross was let go entirely due to the 2K Sports panel because just a couple weeks ago during his Q&A session in The UK, Ross said he had no plans to retire from WWE.

Another interesting note is that aside from Vince McMahon, Triple H and a couple other employees mentioning it on Twitter, no WWE wrestlers have commented on the news of JR retiring.