Report: Update On Mark Henry Injury, How & When It Occurred

Mark HenryMark Henry Injury Update

As we've been reporting, Mark Henry suffered a hamstring injury at the 8/31 show in Boston, Mass. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the injury occurred when Henry, Ziggler and RVD were running down to the ring to save Daniel Bryan from an Orton and Shield attack. 

Halfway down the ramp, Henry pulled back from running and limped the rest of the way. He managed to clear the house before going and standing in the corner while the others performed their finishers. 

Some have noted that Henry was visibly upset and in pain after the injury occurred, and some noticed Ziggler trying to console him in the corner.

Henry had his MRI on Monday, but as of yesterday afternoon, the results had not come in yet and it's not known how much action he'll be forced to miss.