WWE Superstar “Fired” on Monday Night Raw Tonight

Cody RhodesIn accordance with WWE C.O.O. Triple H, Cody Rhodes wrestled a career-threatening match against WWE Champion Randy Orton tonight on Monday Night Raw, after questioning the Game backstage, insisting that Orton facing Daniel Bryan at Night of Champion was what's "right for business." During the match, Cody came close to putting away The Viper with his signature Cross Rhodes, but Orton ended the match with an RKO. 

Afterwards, Triple H came out to the stage and mocked Cody Rhodes, who appeared to have tweaked his knee during the match. The Game officially "fired" the third generation Superstar. While this is most likely a part of the ongoing "corporate" storyline involving the McMahon family, it was mentioned multiple times that Cody is engaged and expected to be married quite soon, so it is possible he is planning to take some time off.