Ryback To Receive Another Major Push Soon, Vince McMahon Meets With Warrior

RybackRyback In Line For Major Push

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Ryback is in line for another major push soon. The "anti-Be a STAR" star will apparently be called up to main event status once again following his current "bullying" storyline. 

The WWE merchandising staff has reportedly been told to start coming up with some good ideas for Ryback, which normally means that particular superstar will be getting a big push.

In addition, the increase in merchandise focus for Ryback could mean a face turn is around the corner, as WWE typically doesn't push heel products a great deal.

Vince McMahon Meets With Warrior

It was documented plenty that The Ultimate Warrior was in Los Angeles over SummerSlam weekend to help promote the WWE 2K14 game. It's now being reported that the former world champion also met with Vince McMahon during that time. Details of the meeting aren't known at this point.