Daniel Bryan Speaks on Smaller Guys in WWE, El Generico, SummerSlam Match Against John Cena & More

Daniel Bryan is featured in a new article from pop culture and television website Zap2it.com, promoting his upcoming WWE Championship match against John Cena, this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam. 

On what point his character took off in the WWE, and if he thinks he should be at the level he has attained: 

"I remember in high school, I had Vans shoes. I didn't skateboard, I didn't surf, I didn't do anything like that, but here I was wearing this skateboarding/surfing company's shoe, right? It was just this cascade. I feel like my popularity is kind of the same thing. I shouldn't necessarily be a popular character in a mainstream wrestling organization. But somehow those people in Miami at Wrestlemania brought it to other people's attention and it just cascaded off of that."

El Generico, and other WWE development talents: 

"You know, it's hard for me to say because I haven't seen all those guys. Someone I have a soft spot in my heart for is Sami Zayn. He wrestled as El Generico in the independents. In the ring he's just phenomenal. I saw a couple of his matches with Antonio Cesaro and it's some of the best wrestling this year, as far as I'm concerned, even compared to the stuff you see on WWE TV. 

"If he can get the personality to match his wrestling skills, I haven't seen any of his interviews, but he has loads of personality as a human being and I can only imagine if he's able to transfer that onto television he should be a big star, I'd hope. But you never know, because size might hold him back for a little bit, but talent always shines through."

On younger, more high-action stars becoming popular in the WWE:

"Yeah and part of that is because fans no longer accept the slow-paced wrestling matches. Most of the big guys can't wrestle the action-packed matches. That's what makes somebody like Big Show so incredibly special. You see him and he's seven feet tall and between 450 and 500 pounds. Yet, when I was wrestling him I'd dropkick him in the knee and he'd flip all the way around. He's an incredibly agile guy, and he's been wrestling since 1995. The same goes for Kane, who goes to the top rope.

"If you're a big guy and you can't move well, you're not going to last long in the modern WWE system."