Report: Backstage Heat on WWE Diva Eva Marie, Was the Backstage Segment with Eva and Stephanie a Work?

According to, most of the "Total Divas" show is scripted, and the story line featuring Eva Marie lying to WWE officials about her dance background was part of the show's story line and not actually real.

That said, however, the report notes that there is real backstage heat on Eva Marie, and she is said to be "passionately hated" by most WWE employees.

The report goes onto say that the only Diva who comes off worse than Eva is Ariane, who is known on WWE TV as Cameron. One WWE source was quoted as saying, "Cameron is an idiot, but everyone in the company already knows that so it's nothing new."

The segment between Stephanie McMahon and Eva Marie on Total Divas, however, was not entirely fake, as the tears Eva Marie cried were said to be real. While the Fandango story line was scripted into the show, Eva Marie was told that she was to meet Stephanie McMahon because she had done something really bad, so when she was confronted by McMahon she cried real tears as she thought she was in real trouble for something.

WWE had been wanting to get Stephanie on Total Divas in some fashion, but they wanted to make sure they came up with a good story line to insert her into. Stephanie was said to be entirely in character during the backstage segment with Eva Marie, which Eva did not know.