WWE Smackdown Results (8/9) – RVD vs Orton, Lesnar Interview, Christian Continues His Winning Ways

WWE SmackdownWWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

August 9th 2013


   Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam

    RVD applies a headlock but Orton counters with a legsweep, then they tie up and Orton puts him in a headlock. RVD sends him into the ropes but Orton hits a shoulder block, then RVD comes back with a spin kick before playing to the crowd. Orton goes back to a headlock and takes him to the mat, but RVD makes it to his feet and elbows Orton, then Orton knocks him back but RVD takes him down with a kick. Orton rolls to the floor so RVD throws him onto the barricade, then he hits a legdrop from the apron as we go to a commercial. We get back to see Orton hit some mounted punches in the corner, then he whips RVD across the ring and runs into an elbow. RVD tries to springboard off the turnbuckles but Orton shoves him out to the floor, then he goes and suplexes RVD into the barricade before rolling him back in.

    Orton gets a two count pin attempt before applying a headlock, then RVD breaks it and hits some clotheslines and a thrust kick. RVD front slams him and hits a split-legged moonsault for two, then he heads up top and hits a somersault kick for another near fall. Orton side steps a monkey flip attempt and comes back with a backbreaker, then he clotheslines RVD and hits a spinning powerslam for two. Orton sets up a hanging DDT but RVD counters with a Northern Lights suplex, then he tries to springboard in from the apron but Orton dropkicks him and hits a hanging DDT. He gets the crowd on their feet and sets up a RKO, but RVD kicks him in the head and sweeps his legs to get a two count pin attempt. RVD kicks him in the face and follows with Rolling Thunder, then he sets up a Five Star Frog Splash but Orton rolls away then hits a RKO for the win.

    Winner – Randy Orton

    Miz TV begins with tonight's guests, AJ Lee and Big E Langston, and he asks what the relationship status is between the two of them. AJ says she's been hearing this for awhile but they are just good friends, and Langston looks out for her because he is her best friend. Miz says AJ has had plenty of 'friends' in WWE, then he names off her exes and AJ gives reasons as to why she was right to screw them over. She says she's had her heart broken too many times, but Miz suggests that the problem isn't them, but her. (Cont'd…)