WWE RAW Results (8/5) – Daniel Bryan’s Corporate Makeover, Kane Confronts The Wyatts, Orton Makes A Statement

WWE RAWWWE Monday Night RAW Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

August 5th 2013

Stephanie McMahon starts the show off by saying her father doesn't think Daniel Bryan is championship material, and she has a solution. Stephanie says she asked Bryan to participate in a makeover, then she shows a video of Bryan being pampered and groomed. She introduces the 'new' Bryan to the crowd, and he comes out in a suit and Stephanie says he looks sharp. Bryan says the fans must like his look, then they boo and he thanks Stephanie for her time and effort, but he doesn't think the company wants this. Bryan says he thinks WWE wants a guy who's jacked and wear cargo shorts, and he says John Cena doesn't think he can win because he doesn't look like a champion. He says someone like him couldn't possibly beat Cena, but he says he can win because Cena is an entertainer while he is a wrestler.

Bryan says Cena has been on the top for ten years, and Cena hasn't seen everything he had to do to get here, but he's a wrestler and he went through hell. He says Cena could get fired and just go home to his mansion and money, but Bryan could get fired and he would appear at any wrestling show that would have him. Bryan says he loves wrestling just like the fans do, and he'll do the makeover for now, but he is going to wrestle at Summerslam, and he'll make John Cena tap out. He starts a YES! chant but Vince McMahon cuts him off, then Vince says he appreciates Stephanie's efforts. Vince says Bryan tried, then he mocks his suit and he already said this, but he doesn't want Bryan or Cena as champion.

Vince says he is starting to warm up to Bryan, and he thinks he could be champion because they've never had a troll built like a toothpick as champion. Vince makes fun of him and calls him a miniature Mick Foley, but he says he might not want him as champion, but he thinks they can work something out. He says they need to do one more thing, then Vince looks at his beard and says he needs to shave it now, and he waves a crew down with a barber's chair. Vince tells him it won't hurt, and if he wants to be WWE Champion bad enough, he will go through with this right now. Vince tells him to ignore the fans and listen to him, then he tells him to get in the chair, and they need someone who is well groomed, like Wade Barrett. (Cont'd…)