Big Update on Possible Plans For Randy Orton, Cena & Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam

Randy OrtonAccording to, the word coming from backstage in WWE is that the current plan for the John Cena vs Daniel Bryan match at SummerSlam is to have Bryan defeat Cena, and then have Randy Orton cash in Money in the Bank, take the title from Bryan, and finally make the heel turn that he has been rumored to be making for quite sometime now.

With reporting that Orton was "injured" at the Smackdown taping this week, it's possible that WWE could hype that injury angle on Raw this week, to keep Orton off TV for awhile, making his cash-in that much more of a surprise at SummerSlam.

Another factor leading many to believe that Orton will cash in Money at the Bank is there is currently no scheduled rematch between Cena and Bryan set for Night of Champions this year.