Exclusive: More Details on Issues with Rip Rogers in TNA Developmental, Alleged Extortion & More

According to a direct source in OVW, TNA/OVW trainee Rip Rogers was reportedly trying to extort money from the company. We were told he wanted to get paid from the trainees for their instruction in the advanced class. So, the talent was relegated to the Intermediate class and away from Rip.

These TNA "refugees" were basically winners on Gut Check first and then told about going to OVW. WZ was told this is probably why Adam Pearce didn't "win" because he wasn't going to take the OVW assignment.

Additionally, we reported earlier that today's talent releases were mostly a cost cutting measure, and in an update on Doug Williams, who was also recently released from TNA, WZ was told "Why wouldn't TNA pay Doug Williams when they promised him a job as trainer? Because they didn't want to pay to renew his visa."